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Technical skills are simply not enough  

Project management is essential for any organization’s success, yet the message is not often realized. 

Studies cite decline in completed projects within budget or meeting business intent. The average cost overrun for projects is 189% of their original estimates.   
Conversely, mature Project Management skills ensure predictable results and lead to 40% more initiatives delivered successfully. 

   Are we measuring project outputs or outcomes?

These words: "value" and "complete" have different meanings.  A PMI survey of over a thousand project management professionals and interviews of top CEOs and PMO leaders revealed that the ability of projects to produce intended business benefits is just as important as whether they come in on time and on budget.  

Organizations that mature their project management practices to better align work with strategic goals and focus on realizing benefits see 50% more of projects meeting original goals.

   When is it time to create or reset your PMO?

A project with financial or market consequence that has failed badly usually serves as the catalyst for improved delivery capabilities to remain competitive.

Defining the PMO levels of service and its span of control elevates its role, but project success depends on more than a newly organized approach. A 2013 PMI study showed that PMOs aligned with C-level suite produced revenue growth and increased margin through strategic project selection. 


Diverse Talent Solutions

 It is both science and art to blend planning and people to drive transformation tailored specifically to your needs and business.  

 Project Management  

  for single or enterprise-wide technology projects to enhance your project and program performance and increase the probability of their successful completion whether the focus to achieve lasting value entails a business transformation, a technology initiative, or a regulatory compliance. We are skilled at managing Annual Operating, Merge & Acquisition or Carve-Out projects. 

 PMO Services 

 to assist you with the launching or re-establishment of project management offices. As there are many potential roles for PMO’s, we can help your organization mature your project, program and portfolio management practices to align your project implementations to strategic goals and generate lasting business value, improve stakeholder communications, or build consistent project management processes to achieve predictable results.  

 Retainer Services  

 when requiring ongoing support and making continual improvement to your business through projects showing moderate complexity.  You will benefit by a higher level of project ownership, continuity and engaged partnership.

Fractional Services

 when you face an inflexion cycle that requires special talent to partner with your leadership to navigate the next phase of growth but may not be advantageous to build or scale your Project Management team or Project Office. 

Industry Insights


Enterprise Impact
  • In-Store Customer Experience process improvements focused on building employee talent and driving customer loyalty and revenue.
  • Annual operating and merger projects focused on Store Operations, Order Management, Marketing, Merchandising, CRM and BI/Interactive Analytics.  
  • Online commerce with Virtual Warehouse and Logistics partners.  
  • Tactical PMO services for managing client contracts and profitability of Professional Services.   

 Supermarket, Hypermarket 

Enterprise Impact
  • Program Management and Customer-facing PMO services to deliver Point-of-Sales and integrated in-store solutions for supermarket, hypermarket with distributed teams in US and Latin America.
  • Assistance to executive leadership with account reviews to disposition unprofitable and non-recoverable projects.  

Transportation, Fleet Management

Enterprise Impact
  • Transportation and Operational Planning initiatives for insourcing, delivery, freight payment, route optimization, inbound scheduling, freight and vendor consolidation.
  • Project rescue to address slippage deployment deadline not reconciled with schedule. Partnered with North America and international business teams to rebaseline scope, requirements and work towards development, testing and deployments of global, cloud based, mobile enabled Fleet Management solution.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Enterprise Impact
  • Implementation of manufacturing systems and supply chain concepts such as MRP II for discrete (Bills of Materials and routing) and batch-oriented operations.                         
  • Program management of Distribution initiatives to oversee the movement of goods, such as packaging, inventory, warehousing, supply chain and logistics, from supplier or manufacturer to point of sale. 

About Us

Capability That Comes From Practice

With an average 25 years as practitioners, consultants and project advocates we bring a practical way to communicate and get buy-in on the business value of Project Management.  

Just as graphite has versatile uses such as pencils, electrical conductor or lubricant, we also gain clear understanding of your challenges or opportunities, from your perspective, and discern the most appropriate method, tools and techniques to deliver projects tailored to your circumstances. 

Commercial Project Management

Projects For Profit

We become an extension to your staff to intervene when the sales of professional services must be both profitable and capable of delivery, especially when failing projects may be eliminating the profits of future ones.  The business management of these types of projects goes beyond classic project management.

 Annual Operating and Merge & Acquisition 

Optimal Alignment To Business Strategy

Recognizing that in average, 43% of projects experience scope creep or uncontrolled changes to scope and only 67% meet original goal and business intent, we apply our experience and gain your trust to deploy smart and repeatable processes for initiating and managing projects.   We are positioned to drive product and services more successfully, enhance your brand, reduce operational cost and increase employee satisfaction.  

Strategic PMO

Scope, Type and Function.  Customer-facing or Business-facing. 

We are skilled at boosting adaptability so your PMO can support expanding demand and staying relevant.  Also, we can assist in elevating your PMO to a business differentiator by assisting your organization evolve from an operational and tactical focus to a strategic level.  A PMI/CIO Magazine Industry survey found that “project success rates improve by 65% when managed with a mature, effective PMO”.